About Us

Growth means Change and change involves risk,
stepping from the known to the unknown.

- George Shinn -

One must not resist change and for good reasons. After 18 years of corporate work, when I decided enough was enough, I knew that any change would be met with circumspection, scepticism, expectation and probably some interest in it's outcome. I quit my last assignment in Dec'09.The new path being charted by me has created some interesting challenges for me to dwell upon and tackle.

In my assessment, the next century will be dedicated to Energy security, Healthcare & Education. I have chosen to spend my time in the exciting domain of renewable energy, specifically Solar Power Solutions.

From textbooks to world symposiums, Solar Energy has been talked about and written about but very little is really being done about connecting it to the common man in a transparent manner. It is still spoken about as the technology of the future and its implementation restricted either to power generation and supply to the Electric Grids or as an NGO initiative of bringing "Lights" to distant villages.

I believe that the change has to begin with ourselves in the way we come to know, interpret and adapt the technology to bring in a wholesome solution to a cluster of settlements - urban or rural. This is the change that I seek to imbibe and champion. In order to do that, I have burnt all my bridges with respect to a Corporate Career. Life, after all, is a one way street where there is no going back !!!

This endeavor is a manifestation of my belief that it is possible to bring about a change in the way Solar solutions are experienced and accepted by the common man.

To mitigate usage of conventional power resources in India
by providing compelling propositions in Alternate Energy;
Promote Clean & Green Living.

By 2020,
Grow Helios Solutions into a Profitable Enterprise,
with Market Leadership in identified Segments & Geographies,
by Providing Credible, Cost-effective Rooftop SPV Solutions.

We will treat our customers the same way that we would expect to be treated.
  • We will strive and understand your needs before working out a suitable solution.
  • We will communicate effectively and accurately with you.
  • We will build enduring relationships with you, dealing in a fair and transparent manner.
  • We value your time. We will look for ways to make it easier for you to do business with us.